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BTA Deep Hole Drill Bit Drill Head For Holemaking Tools

BTA Deep Hole Drill Bit Drill Head For Holemaking Tools

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BTA deep hole drill bit CNC machine tool accessories boring head tool Carbide Indexable Drill Bits

---BTA drilling is a deep hole drilling process using specialized drilling tools on long drill pipes to create deep holes in metal, hole diameters 20 mm [0.80 in] and larger, with depth-to-diameter ratios of up to 400:1. BTA drilling is the most efficient method of deep hole drilling because it is cleaner, more reliable and more efficient than traditional twist drills, and can achieve larger diameters and higher feed rates than alternative gun drills.


Advantages of BTA deep hole drilling:

1. High production efficiency; Feed speed: >30~180mm/min; Continuous drilling, no need to retract the chip;

2. The aperture is stable; under normal circumstances, the hole with H9 precision can be stably realized, and the H8 precision can also be realized under good conditions;

3. The surface roughness of the hole is high; the standard steel is below Ra3.2~1.6, and the non-ferrous metal is below Ra1.6~0.4;

4. Excellent shape and position tolerance; Hole roundness: <0.01mm; Axis alignment: <0.4mm/1000mm (depending on hole diameter and material uniformity)

5. Among the deep hole processing tools, BTA deep hole drill has the characteristics of large length-to-diameter ratio, good stability and high efficiency, and is the first choice for deep hole drilling.

Packing List:

1.BTA Drill Bit-without carbide inserts

2.Drill Accessories
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