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Single Flute Solid Carbide Gundrill

Single Flute Solid Carbide Gundrill

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Overall Length

Single flute soild carbide gundrill -kidney holes

  • Diameter (DC): 1.52-3.52 mm
  • Tolerance: h5
  • Over all length (OAL): 150-25 mm
  • Flute length (LCF): 420 mm

Solid carbide drills are a deep hole drill that can run at much higher feeds rates than conventional gundrills.

One piece carbide tip and flute gun drills offer the advantage of strength and rigidity over tubular construction drills, and with it, better overall performance. While most applications that use this style gun drill require specific diameters and lengths, we do stock fractional diameterse are proud to introduce a program which allows expedited delivery (smaller lots and no coating, please!) with a choice five day 'RUSH' delivery or 2 to 3week standard delivery for any diameter and length combination listed above, as outlined in more detail here. 

These tools can be designed with special end forms to meet your custom requirements. Additionally, special coatings are chosen, based on the application, to enhance overall tool performance.

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