Development and equipment of deep hole processing technology

CNC Processing Machine

Deep hole processing technology and equipment were first limited to specific fields such as military industry and aerospace in my country. With the rapid development of China's industry, deep hole processing has also been widely used in various industries in our country.

A deep hole is a hole with a ratio of the length of the hole to the diameter of the hole greater than 5. The production of cylinders, drill pipes, brackets, mechanical shafts and other workpieces in the hydraulic, coal machinery, and industrial and mining machinery industries is the application of deep hole processing technology. Requiring processing accuracy and processing efficiency has become a difficult point in deep hole processing, and "deep hole boring" is a professional machine tool to solve modern deep hole processing.

3/5 Axis CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine

3/5 Axis CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Three-axis standard CNC deep hole drilling is the most widely used model in the field of deep hole processing. It can perfectly solve the needs of conventional linear deep hole processing. Its economy and universality are well recognized by users.


Double rotary deep hole drilling and boring machine


Deep hole boring is also called deep hole boring machine, deep hole drilling and boring machine, horizontal deep hole boring machine is suitable for deep hole processing of large cylindrical workpieces, deep hole processing types include spindle hole, through hole, blind hole and stepped hole, etc. Cylinder, gun barrel, machine tool spindle, mechanical transmission shaft, product features: one-time processing can meet the high-precision mirror effect of deep hole processing, high-strength steel can be applied, and the deep hole processing efficiency is ahead of ordinary boring machines.

foshan yunsheng metal technology vinson cnc

The scraping tumbling machine is suitable for a new type of machine tool with higher requirements for deep hole processing. It has the characteristics of deep hole boring machine and honing machine. The rough and fine boring is completed in one boring, and the procedure of rolling is completed at the same time by using the timing of the tool retraction after boring. Through attribute deformation, the surface of the inner hole can reach the surface roughness required by the workpiece.

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